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What People have said about me...



Chase is the most mature 12 year old actor I have ever worked with. He works hard, he's respectful, he's coachable, and he has instincts like no other I've seen for his age. His ability to interpret the life of the character and then authentically create it on screen is unmatched.


Zane Stephens
Owner of The Zane Stephens Studio

"Chase is a talented, respectful, and an enthusiastic young man. He takes direction well and I was impressed that he would ask questions, seek guidance and show a desire to achieve the emotion and action I was requesting. He did a great job in embracing his character, which played out well on screen. Beyond the profession of acting, Chase is a good kid. He is fun to be around and expresses a positive attitude. I’d love to work with him again!"

-Angela Franklin Criscoe 

RECON (formerly known as Fishing for Memories)

"I had the honor of working with Chase on my film "The Puppeteer." His natural born talent is one of a kind and stood out to me right away. As soon as I saw his audition, I knew I had to have him in the film. His professionalism and maturity during filming set the bar high for everyone else on set, and his charming personality is loved by everyone. Chase's ability to become the deep, complex, thoughtful character which I had envisioned blew me away. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to work with him and can't wait to do so again in the near future. Watch out world, this kid is going to go far!"


Carmelle Danneman


The Puppeteer




I worked with Chase on a Cabela’s national TV commercial for a family camping and canoeing scene. He was a joy to work with, catching fish, canoeing, and acting around the campfire, always with a good smile and spirit. I’d work with him again in a heartbeat.

—Tyler Stableford, Director


Memorized under tight deadlines and took direction like a champ. Tried everything I asked him at the drop of a hat and did it with a great attitude.

-James Legg, Director

The Bike Heist of '85



I had the pleasure of working with Chase on a feature horror/thriller film entitled, "Patient," that I co-wrote and directed. Beyond finding Chase superbly talented for his age, he was also a joy to have on set. He took his role seriously, and came on time and prepared everyday. He showed genuine dedication to his role by asking questions, giving ideas, and always maintaining a positive attitude. I'm very satisfied with how his performance has come out in the film and look forward to the opportunity to work him again in the future.


Jason Sheedy

ReturnStyle Pictures



Chase is a total professional, who makes many of the adults around him step up their game. He is a delight to work with, and to have around. I loved every moment of being his "fake Mom".


Kristen Shaw


Owner, Kristen Shaw Acting Studios



Chase may be small in stature, but his professionalism is biggie sized. Chase is patient, kind, he listens well and takes risks as an actor. He was also on time and impeccably prepared for every shoot day. I give him an A plus and can't wait to work with him again.


David Silverman

Actor, Producer

Cakebaby Productions



Due to the types of stories I target, I am constantly working with youth of all ages on cinematic projects, and Chase has been one of the easiest and most professional to work with as a director! He loves taking input, sees its importance to his own development as an actor, and builds his own character around a mutual dream between actor and director. Not to mention that he brings a great energy to a long day behind the camera which is important for everyone's spirits on set. Chase is a thrill to work with and highly recommended to hire.

Chad Zemel

Sorry Tale Productions



Chase is a pro. He is always prepared and adapts to direction well. On our set, he not only knew his own lines, but prompted the adults when needed. I look forward to working with him again in the future.


Jason Prisk


Creekside Films



Chase is a wonderfully gifted, professional and sweet actor to have around set. His energy is infectious and he brings no qualms or reservations about acting in front of a camera or crew. We were lucky to have him in our commercial and hope to work with him many times more.


Ankush Jindal

Oliphant Films















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